Pavlovskya is the oldest breed of chicken from Russia. They found their way on to our Farm after we made a trip to Greenfire Farms, in Midway Florida. I have a love for Rare & beautiful Poultry. So When I saw them That day I just had to bring them home with me. I love the Challenge of working with Rarebreeds.

The Pavlovskya got their name from the village of Paul’s in the Nizhy Novgorod Region in the¬† rural countryside of Russia ( now called the city of Pavlosk). They are an¬†extremely cold hardy breed with their nicely feathered feet, full beards, & circular crests.

It is belived by some poultry historians that the Pavlovskya are the foundational breed of more recently developed crested breeds such as the Appenzeller Barthunter, Brabanter, & Polish Crested.